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Commitment to Students

The teacher shall conduct the relationship with students and families in a professional manner.

  • The teacher shall respect the personal integrity and privacy of students unless the law requires disclosure.

  • The teacher shall clearly communicate the expectations of the studio.

  • The teacher shall encourage, guide and develop the musical potential of each student.

  • The teacher shall treat each student with dignity and respect, without discrimination of any kind.

  • The teacher shall respect the student's right to obtain instruction from the teacher of his or her choice.

Commitment to Colleagues

The teacher shall maintain a professional attitude and shall act with integrity with regard to colleagues in the profession.

  • The teacher shall respect the reputation of colleagues and shall refrain from making false or malicious statements about colleagues.

  • The teacher shall refrain from disclosing sensitive information about colleagues obtained in the course of professional service unless disclosure serves a compelling professional purpose or is required by law.

  • The teacher shall participate in the student's change of teachers with as much communication as possible between parties, while being sensitive to the privacy rights of the student and families.

Commitment to Society

The teacher shall maintain the highest standard of professional conduct and personal integrity.

  • The teacher shall accurately represent his/her professional qualifications.

  • The teacher shall strive for continued growth in professional competencies.

  • The teacher is encouraged to be a resource in the community.


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