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Royal Conservatory of Music Program (RCM)


The Royal Conservatory Music Certificate Program is an internationally recognized assessment program for music students of all ages. Exams take place in winter, spring, and summer throughout the country. Our teachers are qualified to prepare students for this program. Students can prepare for an online or in-person examination. For more information, visit

Why choose RCm?

The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program is a comprehensive system of music study and assessment from Elementary through to Advanced levels. In many countries, it is considered the gold standard for developing high-calibre musical literacy.  At each level of the RCM Certificate Program, students are supported with accompanying publications to help them develop into well-rounded musicians. With a focus on nurturing creativity and developing self-confidence, our program allows students to work at their own pace. Our integrated curriculum encompasses repertoire from classical to contemporary, as well as etudes, ear tests, sight reading, technique, and theory for over 20 instruments, voice, and speech arts and drama. Individual student examinations, delivered by one of our 300+ accredited examiners, enable students to track their progress and celebrate their accomplishments.


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