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 SoNATA & MORE Music Festival


This is an event in an online (YouTube playlist) recital format open to all ages, levels, and instruments including winds, brass, strings, piano, and voice. The event features solo or ensemble performances of the standard repertoire in any relevant period (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century/Contemporary) 

The SDNC CAPMT endeavors to promote the solo sonata. In doing so, the form of the sonata is of utmost priority taking into account the form is somewhat open to interpretation depending on the instrument and genre. For pianists, it is mainly an unaccompanied multi-movement work, and for strings and winds, it is most often a multi-movement solo work with piano accompaniment. We welcome sonatas (as titled), divertimenti, partitas, musical cycles (complete and incomplete), and theme and variations. We will rely on the teacher to decide on the best choice for their student. 


A YouTube Playlist Recital will be released shortly after the deadline.


April 30, 2024, 11:59 PM




YouTube, unlisted video playlist


Elena Yarritu,

Anna Matuszczak,

In order to provide an appropriate and fair experience to all applicants, please follow these guidelines. 

1) This application form including a YouTube video recording URL AND a pdf of the  is due Sunday, May 1 at 11:59 PM PST.
2) Each applicant must submit a parent consent form (please see link in the email announcement)
3) The applicant's age category is determined by their age at the event due date. Teachers, please confirm your student's age before recommending the category.
4) Please keep all communications in this order: Parent to Teacher, Teacher to Chair. For questions, teachers may email both Dr. Elena Yarritu, and Anna Matuszczak, Co-Chairs:,
5) Every effort will be made to choose appropriate judges based on the instrumental applications received. Decisions of the adjudicators are final.
6) A non-refundable fee for the application must be paid in full by the application deadline.
7) No repertoire changes are permitted after the April 3
0 deadline; however, applicants may return to their application to make changes until April 30, 11:59 PM.
8) Memorization is optional and it will not affect the evaluation. 
9) Teachers should consider the time limit per category when selecting the repertoire. All pieces must be played in full. If time permits, pease consider including a second or third movement. Adjudicators will not listen past the time limit for each category.  The time limit is 10 minutes.

1) Recording quality need not be of professional quality; however, good quality recordings are optimal. You may use your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, etc...
2) Recordings must consist of unedited, uninterrupted video footage of the participant from a single camera angle with coverage of the performer’s hands, face, entire instrument at all times. If submitting more than one movement, please include multiple movements in one take.
3) Applicants must be dressed appropriately as if performing live in a recital or competition. 
4) Recordings must match the work with which the participant originally entered in the application form.  
5) For instrumentalists, accompaniment is required for works including accompaniment. Live accompaniment is preferred; however, under special circumstances, prerecorded accompaniment is acceptable.
6) Recordings must be uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video. No names should appear in the description, only the composer and title. Copy and paste the URL and submit it below.
7) Applicants will have the opportunity to make changes to this application until Sunday, May 1, 11:59 PM. If you expect to make any changes keep your application tab open

Contestants will play a standard sonata, sonatina, or a multi-movement work such as a theme and variation, musical cycle, divertimento, partita from any musical era in its complete form, or the select number of movements from that composition. No arrangements are permitted. No concertos are permitted.

Category A: ages 8 and under. 
Category B: 9-12 years old. 
Category C: 13-15 years old. 
Category D: 16-19 years old. 
Time limit not to exceed 10 minutes for all Categories.


$40 for all categories.
We regret we are not able to accept online payment at this time.
Teachers, please mail one check with the total from your studio to:

Taverner Delcamp,

10948 Creekbridge Pl. 
San Diego, CA 92128


Gold Medal* (for scores 90-100)
Silver Medal (for scores 80-89)
Bronze  Medal (70-79)
*Adjudicators will have the authority to award “command performance” prizes to Gold Medal recipients who submit exceptional performances.

At the discretion of the judges, Gold Medal and Command Performance winners may be invited to perform on the June Spotlight Concert. All participants will receive certificates of participation and comments from the adjudicators. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal recipients will be awarded medals.



Results of the competition will be emailed to all teachers by May 28.

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