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annual Spotlight concert


The SDNC CAPMT Board of Directors presents teachers and their students who have earned top prizes in the various programs offered by SDNC CAPMT, RCM, and MTNA. We want to congratulate and recognize our dedicated member teachers for their outstanding student performers and their individual contributions to music education.


June, 9, 2024 

1:00 - 5:00 PM [2:00 pm start time}


Friday, May 17, 2024, 11:59 PM [Extended to May 29]

(application will be sent to all member teachers)



Encinitas Library

540 Cornish Ave., Encinitas, CA 92024


  • SDNC member teachers whose students have participated in at least 2 CAPMT District 1 (SDNC) events in 2023-2024 and the RCM Exam Program with scores of 85%, and above, Superior, Gold Medal ratings in SDNC programs, and Prize Winner placements in SDNC and CAPMT programs.



-Events include:

  • Southern California Fall Festival 

  • CAPMT Ensemble Festival

  • CAPMT Piano Festival

  • CAPMT Concerto Competition 

  • CAPMT Honors Competition

  • CAPMT Contemporary Music Competition

  • Southern California Winter Festival

  • RCM - First Class Honors with Distinction

  • Sonata and More Festival prize winners

  • Southern California Spring Festival

  • Senior Scholarship Winner

  • ​Teachers may nominate as many students as they can, but we will limit the number based on the number of teachers and students entered. Teachers will be asked to rank their nominees beginning with “1” as the highest priority. The Spotlight Committee will do everything possible to include all applicants. The number of applicants accepted will be determined by the total length of the program and the inclusion of as many qualified member teacher studios.




No fees are required, nor are monetary awards given.


All registration forms will be sent via email to all current member teachers.

Please submit each performer’s photo (headshot with or without instrument preferred) and a short bio for the program via email.


A brief bio to include:

  • Performer’s Name & School,

  • which event(s) they won,

  • other accomplishments,

  • hobbies,

  • who they currently study with,

  • and in the case of seniors – their plans after graduating.



Susie Smith is attending 7th grade at Valley Junior High School in Carlsbad.  She was a Gold Medal recipient in the Sonata Festival and placed third at the CAPMT Honors Competition in her division. Her hobbies are swimming and hiking. Susie currently studies piano with Mr. Awesome Dude.

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